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Why Us

Life is a network of various experiences. It is also said, “Men want victory everywhere but they get defeated from their own children” and still they are never curious to know the reason.

The central element for quality of life starts from the school level. The choice of hobbies, education and occupation demands little guidance.

Every institution has its own principles of investigation and so do ours. We encourage for being practical in the field of education. After a long attempt we are in position to present ourselves before you and too intend to get help for our lotus to bloom.

It is very difficult to satisfy each one with perfection. We put all our energies to concentrate and get attached to upgrade the kids and adolescents. But our brains shall be unable to conceive those noble ideas that require to strengthen a locality, society and the nation unless our foundation is not strong. it is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing, i.e. We need your complete cooperation and guidelines.

We are asked what goodness is with us. Society needs sweetness but there is no perfect social ideology to offer a necklace. we are travelling continuously in the same way towards the same goal but by different paths made by the necessities of the case to suit the diverse mind.

Look at the torture of the mother bears in bringing up the baby. Does she enjoy it? Surely she does it better than anything else. Why? It’s because there is no selfishness.

Have confidence on ourselves trust in the almighty. Let your child grow under the selfless service of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL HAZARIBAG.

Why DPS Hazaribag

Don’t paralyse your mind with old traditions, Lets join together to create a new world of intellectuals.

Integrity Towards nation
Team work Towards our mission
Strive To blend modernity with Indian cultures and values.
Focus To give the best individual attention and all round grooming to produce true citizens
shaping impressive personalities.
Inventive To abandon the irrelevant and move in an extraordinary direction.
Determination To achieve perfection in mind ,body and spirit.
Challenge To give the best in learning and above all discipline and moral values.
Balance Between academic pursuits and extracurricular activities.
Toils To give meaningful education to produce compassionate tolerant, strong individuals
ready with skill, need to surmount challenges.

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