The Institution as I See
Just as a tree needs roots to sustain itself man needs values. The pillar that will see him through life’s journey. Values good or bad are inculcated. His first day in school is the beginning of the life long learning process. It is here that he is taught the three R’ s but more importantly he learns a way of life. The books are but one of his tools and not the only tool. You must wonder as to why I have drifted from talking of values to books. But what are values if not a way of life. It encompasses in itself all that our ancient sages and text tell us. TRUTH and by the word truth, I don’t mean not speaking lies. But truth and purity of purpose must be our sole aim. Without bothering or craving for the ends. In the temple Delhi Public School Hazaribag the presiding deity will be truth, brotherhood, peace and above all peaceful co existence.